Competency Based Assessment Solutions

Hire the best managers and professionals.
Develop them to their highest potential.
Define Success
Define Success

Assess aligns people with business strategy to achieve success.

What does "good" look like in your organization?

Already know? Link your competency model to our assessment tools.

Need a model? Let us help you build one... it only takes a few days!

Multiple models? We can train you to use our easy process to create a model.

Hire / Promote the Best
Hire / Promote the Best

Assess integrates a series of assessments to evaluate job fit.

Who will be the most successful and satisfied in their job?

Use Assess Selection Reports to identify the best internal and external candidates. Put the right people in the right roles.

Develop Excellence
Develop Excellence

Assess includes tools to help people grow and develop in their roles.

Are people doing the right things? The important things?

Use Assess Development Reports and Assess 360 Feedback to provide individualized feedback and development guidance. Focus development on improved job success.

Focus 360 provides insight on developmental change.