Competency Based Assessment Solutions

Hire the best managers and professionals.
Develop them to their highest potential.

Background of Assess

Since the late 1950's our assessment practice has been evaluating managers and professionals using a battery of tests.

  • Personality
  • Intellectual Abilities
  • 360 Feedback

1970's - Expert system is developed for the selection of managers and professionals.

1980's - Expert system is taken to the PC platform; a development report is added.

1999 - First Industrial Organizational Firm to take our expert system to the internet.

2001 - Research efforts are launched to adapt Assess for the international market.

2003 - Assess for Competencies is introduced.

2004 - The Assess 360 module is released for use with the Assess Platform.

2005 - Introduced My360, a self-initiated and self-directed development application.

2006 - Assess Focus 360 is released, providing a follow-up "mini" multi-rater module to measure change in performance.