Competency Based Assessment Solutions

Hire the best managers and professionals.
Develop them to their highest potential.

Define Success

Assess aligns people with business strategy to achieve success.

Assess is easily customized to your model of success. If you already have a competency model defined, Assess reports can be linked to your existing model. Or, use our Strategic Success Modeling (SSM) process to quickly and easily build (or revise) a model.

SSM is a facilitated process with job content experts which: 1) aligns people-strategy with business-strategy, and 2) defines the competencies that are important for success in a role.

  • Use and customize competencies from the Assess Competency Library
  • Add custom competencies as needed
  • Customize Assess selection and development reports and Assess 360 to focus on the key competencies

Efficient and Cost Effective

After a two-day workshop with supporting materials, you will have immediate use of the customized model, selection reports, development reports and 360 assessments.