Competency Based Assessment Solutions

Hire the best managers and professionals.
Develop them to their highest potential.

Develop Excellence

Assess includes tools to help people grow and develop in their roles.

People want and need specific, objective feedback regarding their assets and liabilities. Assess helps you give this constructive feedback in one-on-one coaching situations, or as part of a programmatic workshop offering. Whether it's individual development, succession planning, or team building − Assess can help.

  • Development reports provide feedback on work-related personality and intellectual abilities.
  • Competency-based reports provide additional insight into those factors that help or hinder the display of job specific competencies.
  • Assess 360 reports provide multi-rater feedback on behavior.
  • Focus 360 is a follow-up "mini" 360 measuring change and tracking progress.
  • Group reports aid in overall team-building, and group development workshops.
  • Trainer certification and materials are easily available.