Candidates with top scores on SalesMax produce at 121% average. 84% of poor performers are screened out by SalesMax.
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The Cost of a Bad Hire
The SalesMax Difference:
SalesMax ROI


Hire better talent

Made some hiring mistakes?

Weed out applicants with little or no sales potential and highlight those with a natural sales ability.

Success begins when the basic disposition for sales is present right from the start.

SalesMax® is designed to select top performers. It measures personality traits and sales knowledge that contribute to effectiveness in the sales role.

The SalesMax System provides both SELECTION and DEVELOPMENT reports.

Develop your current staff

Are bad hires hurting your bottom line?

Start exceeding your sales goals and improving your sales force today. Target current individuals' strengths and development needs—focus on the greatest impact for your team.

SalesMax gives feedback on specific personality factors that help or hinder effectiveness in sales—where to target training efforts, and what motivations will mean the most.

With the SalesMax system you are only charged for the reports you use.